Caremenship™ is a concept that no other real estate brokerage in the world has.  In fact, it is a unique philosophy that was created by Reality Realty Founder Sam Cachola to instill in his team the need to put the client’s needs first.   Here is a brief outline of our concept Caremenship™:

  • People First:  Commitment by the sales industry to put people first and reward those who do.
  • Outline Goals:  Systematic plan designed to identify the season of life a client is currently in while working to outline both short and long term goals.
  • Rooted in the Now:  Once the current situation and future are goals outlined, the sales professional commits to ensure all purchase options are rooted in the now, allowing max flexibility for unforeseen fiscal/life changes, ensuring options are built in to achieve clients short and long term goals.
  • Empowerment:  The goal is for both sales associate and client to be empowered enabling both to executed purchase decisions rooted in reality and sustainable long term.
  • Client’s Lifecycle:  To evaluate, educate, empower, execute, support, and protect clients interest thought their “life” cycle not salescycle!
  • Worry Free:  Embracing a sales philosophy of “Purpose with a Profit” i.e. you are not selling clients a new car for great on mileage, a warranty, and looks. You are allowing them to execute both their personal and professionals duties free of worry and added expense.
  • Personal Growth:  Enabling them to be better friends, parents, employees and community stakeholders.
  • Motivation:  A keen focus on the true motivation, vice solving the immediate problem and/or capitalizing on the moment!

In a practical sense, Caremenship™ translates into evaluating, educating and empowering our clients.



Long before we discuss a home sale or purchase, the caring team at Reality Realty Professionals will spend considerable time with you to evaluate your current situation: single, married, children, career, current housing, likelihood of being transferred, life and family goals, etc.



Our Caremenship philosophy stresses the importance of educating you about major real estate topics: financing, taxes, insurance, listing properties for sale, etc. We also direct you to resources that will help you understand even more about the home-buying and home-selling process. These are the details that are, frankly, often leveraged to make you just another sales statistic.



The ultimate purpose of Caremenship is to give you the tools and knowledge that empower you to make careful and wise decisions about buying or selling a home. We don’t want to hold your hand, but prepare you to make your own decisions…and feel good about making them.

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